Mt Bromo & Ijen Crater 3D/2N

Ijen crater, also known as “Kawah Ijen”, is a quiet but active volcano. The magnificent turquoise sulfur lake of the Ijen crater lies at 2,148 m ASL and is surrounded by the volcano’s crater walls. Locals make the trek up to the crater and back down to the lake every day carrying no less than 75 kg of sulfur on their shoulders. The sulfur is used in the oil-refining business and in the production of fertilizers.
From the drop-off point by jeep, it is a steep 3-km climb to the summit of Ijen. It is recommended to hire a mask for the sulfur gasses coming out of the crater. To see the famous blue fire of Ijen crater you have to go down the crater

Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo volcano, situated in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, is a well-known East Javan tourist attraction. Mount Bromo is attractive because it is still an active volcano. Bromo has an altitude of 2,329 m above sea level and covers four regions: Kabupaten Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Malang.
Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of approximately 800 metres (north-south) by 600 metres (east-west).
Eruption history
During the 20th century, Mount Bromo erupted three times, with a regular time interval of 30 years. The largest eruption occurred in 1974 and the last eruption was in 2011.
Bromo as a sacred mountain
For residents of Bromo, the volcano is a sacred mountain. Once a year, during full moon, around the 14th or 15th in the month of Kasodo (ten) according to the Javanese calendar, there is a ceremony called Kasada or Kasodo. The ceremony takes place in a temple at the foot of Mount Bromo and continues at the summit of Mount Bromo. This unique ceremony starts in the middle of the night and ends in the early morning.
Sunrise over the island of Bali
We take you in a 4WD to see the amazing Penanjakan sunrise. The extraordinary moonlike atmosphere and the opportunity to descend into the crater, are the two main reasons why you should visit Bromo. It is also a spectacular setting for observing the sunrise over the island of Bali.

Day 1: Bali – Banyuwangi
8 am: departure from your hotel in Bali towards Bromo
1 pm: arrival at Banyuwangi and check-in at the Berlian Abadi Hotel.
2 pm: lunch at a restaurant
4 pm: city tour by Becak (traditional transport) to see the traditional fruit market, Klenteng traditional house, a museum and the small town of Banyuwangi. Dinner (not included)
8 pm: arrival at the hotel

Day 2: Banyuwangi – Mount Ijen – Mount Bromo
4 am: leaving the hotel towards Mount Ijen, through coffee and clove plantations by 4WD. You stop at the park’s ranger for the 3-km climb up to the crater.
5.30 am: arrival at the summit, where you can enjoy the panorama of the volcanic crater lake and see how the villagers carry the sulfur out of the crater.
7 am: after the descend and breakfast, you continue your Mount Bromo tour.
2 pm: arrival at the Cemara Indah Hotel where you stay for one night. The extraordinary location of this hotel is at the top hill of Mount Bromo.
3 pm: lunch at the hotel
Day 3: Mount Bromo – Bali
4 am: a 4WD takes you to the desert of Bromo.
6 am: arrival at Penanjakan, the central park behind the Tengger Temple. Another 20-minute hike up the hill takes you to the crater of Mount Bromo.
8 am: return to the hotel
9 am: breakfast at the hotel
10am: check-out and back to Bali
18pm: arrival at your hotel in Bali

Transfer from your hotel with air-conditioned transport
Entrance fee for Mount Bromo
Entrance fee for Ijen crater
Professional trekking guide
Free t-shirt
Shared accommodation for two nights

What to bring

Long pants
Sport shoes
Spare clothes
Money for extra drinks in the restaurant


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